Opening Yourself Up To Kindness

Saturday Beauford and I headed to the beach.   It’s a place I know he adores.  He loves walking along the boardwalk, in the sand, by the water, taking in all the new sniffs and meeting new people.  The entire time we were down there I was taking pictures of Beauford, capturing these moments, making memories on film.


I had taken this picture, one which is “so Beauford”, when something pretty special happened.




Though we weren’t down there long, as Beauford does tire more easily than he used to, we were down there just long enough to be on the receiving end (again) of someone’s kindness.

Laura Dittmann a local  photographer and videographer stopped while walking along the boardwalk with her friends.  She offered to take our picture together.  I am not at all comfortable getting my picture taken, but I opened myself up to getting photographed by a stranger feeling emotional, exhausted, and slightly under the weather.  Yet another branch of kindness was being extended and I grabbed hold of it not knowing how amazing these pictures would turn out.

It was an impromptu shoot, and in the minute we spent with her she did a remarkable job capturing who Beauford is, and who we are together.


Her pictures are stellar.  She did a great job, on the fly, with a dog that was tired, and easily distracted.  I will be forever thankful for her kindness, for stopping, and giving me a lasting memory of me and my golden guy.


Thank you, Laura!





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