Glad That Beauford Had A Dad


Beauford Bed

I always wanted Beauford to have a “Dad”.  I was soon to be 30 when Beauford came home on March 5th 2010, single, and he was officially my first canine kid.  It was just the two of us for a very long time.

Five years later I met someone incredible.  Someone that made me laugh like I’d never laughed before, someone I knew from the instant we met that Beauford would adore.  And boy did he ever!   He never developed a bond so quickly, one that was so genuine, and so filled with love.

The first night they met, Beauford knew instantly who he was and he liked him…a lot!   As we walked together around the block, I left for a moment to dispose of the obvious in the garbage, and I turned to see the pair walking away together.  Beauford not even looking back to see where I was.  He totally trusted him, and was entirely comfortable to go on his merry way, to meet and greet this super guy.

I watched them for a moment and caught my boyfriend testing Beauford’s knowledge of tricks, and his manners.  Of course my monkey passed with flying colours.  He sat, gave his paw, and laid down instantly when asked.  In that moment, it was like all was right with the world, my two guys had met, and Beauford thought he was just as amazing as I did.

The most difficult thing to find in a partner was someone who ‘got’ that Beauford isn’t just ‘a dog’.   My boyfriend not only understood, but he appreciated that Beauford required extra care and attention because he faced health challenges and had special needs.  He helped me cook for him, asked about him every day, and would always take his leash when we walked together.

Beauford became ‘The Beaufords’, and there was never a day that a message wasn’t sent that included a picture or video of Beauford.  There’s got to be an hour of film sent to him of me asking Beauford ‘Do you want the ball?  Do you want the ball? ‘ ‘Go Get That Ball’. There’s also one that will forever live in the history of my heart.  Beauford and Sadie (My Father’s Dog) were out playing in the yard.  I was attempting to play with sweet and patient Sadie who LOVES to fetch, but Beauford kept coming to steal the ball from me. After several attempts on video I’m heard saying ‘Do you want the ball?  F*ck off Beauford’.  It was dog-comedy-gold.

This man’s love of baseball, re-ignited a childhood one that I once had.  I was reminded how great of a game it is.  Of course within a few short months Beauford became a fan, and made a really exciting team look even better!


The first time Beauford visited the downtown condo, he was quick to make himself at home.  He hopped up on the couch to test it out, and checked out the high-rise view.  He followed this man, he loved so much, around, checking out everything there was to see and sniff.

As they cooked in the kitchen I heard ‘not for doggies’ so many times, and it just warmed my heart and made me smile.  They were totally bonded.  It filled me with delight to see Beauford’s tail flap up and down each time my boyfriend passed him laying on the floor. And there was never a time that this man I loved didn’t stop, bend down, and give him a little scratch or belly rub.

Beauford, who wasn’t supposed to be allowed in the downtown bed, snuck right in one morning for his usual morning snuggles.  In a moment of pure humour I watched as my boyfriend folded ‘like a cheap suit’ and cuddled him.   I thought, this is what love is…and this is what love does.

For our first Hanukkah together Beauford received a bacon scented/flavoured ball (ironic, I know) and a special sign to hang above the plethora of toys that occupied our home.  They were sweet and thoughtful gifts from someone who obviously loved this dog.

They had a different relationship.  It was totally a dad and dog relationship.  Beauford was spirited, energetic, and happy to run with him.  I often caught them playing a good game of tug, or just goofing around with one another.

When we went for walks together downtown Beauford instantly transformed into his downtown dog personality.  With less grass and fewer spots to go, he showed me he could make it work if we moved down there. He loved walking down by the water, and seemed interested in everything this new area had to offer.  Though it wasn’t home, I started to think it could be.  Once he’d been on the subway once to see him, he remembered the way to get there the subsequent times we went.  I’d tell him where we were going, and who we were going to see and he’d march proudly to the subway, knowing he was going to see his dad.

I knew Beauford loved him, when he got ‘the Beauford’ which is when you snuggle Beauford and give him kisses, or you kiss his head while you play, and he lets out a grunt or groan.   Beauford genuinely enjoyed his company.   When we’d have sleepovers and go out for early morning walks Beauford would do his business super fast (lightening fast for Beauford actually) and turn around to head back to his downtown home.  He’d run in the condo and find my boyfriend cooking breakfast in the kitchen, who would quickly remind him that pancakes were not for doggies.

On Beauford’s 6th birthday, which happens to be New Years Eve Day, the three of us ventured to Petsmart to get Beauford his very own bed to sleep in when we slumbering downtown.   Of course, I let Beauford choose the bed he desired, and of course instead of selecting anything on-sale (as I would, and kind of encouraged) he picked a crazy expensive orthopedic bed.  Of course I caved, and it was carried to the cash desk.  To my surprise my boyfriend paid for the bed, giving Beauford the best present, and something that made him smile.

Beauford was so spoiled by this man.  Lots of tummy rubs and tail wags were had.  Pictures were shared on Instagram and he never stopped spoiling him.   Beauford even got a special sombrero that cost much too much money as a trinket from a business trip in Mexico. Beauford had stolen his heart, as much as he had stolen mine.


As I face losing this dog I love with my whole entire heart, I am so incredibly grateful that he had a dad.


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