When Making Memories Gets Messy

A friend of mine posted a really cute how-to video, and the end result was a lovely framed picture of her dog’s paw.  It looked pretty easy, something even I could manage.

I should be clear, I am about as crafty as a bankrupt craft shop!  So, I knew this seemingly simple project wouldn’t end without a glitch or two.  All I needed was matte paper, non-toxic paint, a co-operative dog, and a little bit of patience.

I decided today was the perfect day for the project.  Beauford had to gone to daycare (they were testing the fire alarms today, and he’s petrified of that putrid sound; so, there is no way he was staying here for that)  and I knew he’d be tired from all the exciting fun!

So, on my way home today I stopped at the Dollar Store picked up a sketch pad (the paper has to be Matte finish, not glossy), Winners for a few picture frames, and the toy store for some non toxic finger paint.    The entire project cost about $20, with the most expensive thing being the frames.

Once the monkey had finished his dinner, and had a sufficient rest, I got the paint and paper out.  I was excited to get started.   I dipped Beauford’s paw into the paint and attempted the first print.  DISASTER.  Knowing the first print might come out globby I tried again, and again, and again.  Beauford was over it by press number 3!

I had to get a few more prints since I wanted to make four good ones.  I had dozens of bads and needed to get a few more…I dipped his paw for what was to be the final set of attempts, got 2 presses out of it and he took off.  Let’s be clear, even with getting additional tips and tricks, my apartment carpet now looks like this:

Carpet smears

I have never laughed so hard.   It was sweet revenge.  Beauford trotted all over the carpet in various places leaving smears and smudges everywhere.  He was quite proud of his art work, wagging his tail the entire time.

The carpet is now a Beaucasso or a Beau-Ray.   I tried to clean the it, but now it’s just smears of black paint everywhere.  Oh well.   Making memories can be messy.

Beauford's print

Overall, the end results are not half bad.   There are a few special people, including myself, that are getting Beauford’s pawiture.   They’re a little trinket to be treasured for all time.


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